Cam and Crank Position Sensors

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Cam and Crank Position Sensors

Post by Mang »

London Z1 has been giving me some guidance on how, with a little help form Ray Debben, he installed Cam and Crank position sensors. I would like to do the same on my 810 and am wonder if other members, that have done this, could share how they did it.

Also I think its time for an ECU from this millennium and would welcome thoughts from other members regarding what they use and recommend.

Some Christmas thinking and some long overdue action next year.
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Re: Cam and Crank Position Sensors

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Following this one!
Bet it can improve your engine performance reaching into its max potential. :popcorn
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Re: Cam and Crank Position Sensors

Post by nadrol »

I made my own for my kz650 project. I don't have any pics to upload right now, but there are some in my kzrider thread ... =24#825590
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Re: Cam and Crank Position Sensors

Post by Betterthanfabio »

Well! I just had a quick look at that thread. Very interesting. Ill have a look at the rest of it later. Nice sharing!
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Re: Cam and Crank Position Sensors

Post by Lorcan »

The only advantage of a cam sensor is that it allows you to run sequential injection. We run this on Storm, primarily because we run VERY large injectors (8 x 2300cc/min AND 4 x 1700cc/min) and there is no point in NOT using it as our Motec M800 supports it, but on most bikes it offers little advantage other than improved emissions (which we don't give a fuck about) and possibly improved idling and throttle response at low rpm. For a race bike, we don't care much about that either.

When you think about it, as you approach the limit of duty cycle (or 85% of it, as you should, to prevent "dead time" interfering with injector flow) each injector is open almost all the available time, whether the inlet valve is open or not. So in reality, it's not so different to batch injection where all the injectors fire all together, also for nearly all the available time.

Almost all, if not all, the current standalone ECUs support it. I've used DTA, Motec and bought a Wolf V500 for if I ever get my bike running again. The ECU of the moment in drag racing is FuelTech but personally I'd be looking at one of the lower Motecs if I could afford it. If you're set on the idea I'd be happy to have a phone chat with you about it but as you know, it is possible to use the stock ECU perfectly happily up to 30psi and beyond when combined with a PC to correct the low down fuelling/idling when large injectors are used.
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