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Re: over 200 hp you solve the clutch problem?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 6:27 pm
by Lorcan
Mine made 196hp at 23psi on the dyno with just heavy clutch springs. The springs came from Kibblewhite, and were intended for a Z1000. Just use five instead of six. They weren't red. I still have them somewhere. They were heavy at the lever, but usable for short road trips, or long trips I guess if you are one of those hand-crusher handshake kind of guys! It would show a little slip on the dyno, but I couldn't feel it. I used mineral oil throughout. We use mineral in Storm too, straight 50w - not that I would recommend that for road use.

For 200hp+ I used my home made lockup. Various people have made them over the years, including our own Grumpy, Mike Chestnut and MTC. Lockup is the way to go when you are over 150hp IMO. Below that I'd be happy with springs.