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Fuel Filter Alternative manufacturers & part numbers

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:28 am
Recently i was trying to source a new fuel filter alternative to the OE Kawasaki part # 49019-1001 as they're retailing around £31 (inc delivery). I'd seen that a filter that fits the early 80's Suzuki Carry 1.0L mini vans would fit (Ryco Z439) but they're mainly available in Australia, and though cheap to buy, the shipping to the UK nearly quadruples the price :-/

After a day or so of further research i came across another OE Suzuki part that looked like it might do the job under half the price of the Ryco filter. The engines they're used in are much more common around the world as they're outboard motors. The part number is 15410-87J10.
It fits the Suzuki outboard engines DF25, DF30, DF40, DF50, DF60, DF70, DF80, DF90, DF115, DF140 From approx. 1999 onwards (depending on model) The current DF40, 50, 90, 115 & 140 engines still use them.



It has very similar dimensions to the OE Kawasaki filter and the ID of both the inlets and outlets are the same, so i thought id buy one (£8.29 inc free delivery - Ebay) I performed a very basic gravity flow test and tried the filter on my bike....


For the test this is what i did:

I used 900ml of petrol held in a container about 300mm from the filter. The container as can be seen was an old (clean) 4.5L Oil bottle. The tubing was same id as the inside id of the inlet & outlets of the filters.

OE Kawasaki part 900ml flowed in 24.28secs = 2.224 Litres per min

OE Suzuki part: 900ml flowed in 23.77 secs = 2.271 Litres per min.

As can be seen they flow very similar amounts of fuel, but this isn't exactly a proper scientific test, because the fuel pump will draw an increasingly larger flow rate depending on engine RPM so it may be the Suzuki filter can't cope with higher flow rates, it also may not even have the same surface area available to filter the incoming fuel... That said, it looks a promising alternative.

Other info in the test... Fuel was added to the system and allowed to fill the entire length of the Tubing and filter. Then my finger was removed from the end of the pipe and a stop watch immediately started and then stopped when the main flow of fuel stopped.

The OE Suzuki is a slightly smaller outside dia on the main filter housing (40mm) whereas the OE Kawasaki is 46mm.

At the moment i can't tell how much filter media is available inside the housing to the incoming fuel. In part down to the plastic housing not being see through. When i eventually change this filter ill pull it apart to see how much filter media is there. If there's too little it could clog up quicker than the standard Kawasaki part and starve the fuel system.

As can be seen from the photo, the filter easily fits into the filter mount. The fuel hoses also fit the inlet and outlets ok, though I'd say they're a slightly looser fit. They still seal though. I added a couple of clips to make sure they stay sealed.


I run a Walbro GSL393 high flow fuel pump (155 litres per hour / 2.583 litres per min) with my 810 motor.
Now both filters in my basic test flowed roughly 2.25L/min so they're quite close to the max this fuel pump can pull.

I have tested the filter when the motor is pushing a full 16psi and can report the engine ran well. How well that will be once its done a 1000 miles or so i cant yet say. Its gonna take a while because i usually do less than that on this bike each year.

Another potential option could be this larger Baldwin filter: BF1178. ... FBW-BF1178

Incidentally, does anyone know of an alternative part for the rubber strap that holds the filter to its curved mount?