Battery Kawasaki Gpz 750 turbo.

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Re: Battery Kawasaki Gpz 750 turbo.

Postby Betterthanfabio » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:18 am

About $160 inc postage on E-bay or do what I did once, drill a hole in a different brand wet one. Not hard or bettery still get a Supercharge sealed STX14AHL-BS much better more powerful battery & connect the sensor lead to the terminal instead. The Supercharge one is readily avail in Australia but most of the bike shops are in bed with the distributors & are only interested in selling their product, not whats good for the customer. I stock Exide Motorcycle batteries, Their sealed batteries are the best Ive ever had in 30 years of selling batteries but there is only two motorcycle shops in Hobart that will sell them. Cheap too but they don't do a sealed 14LA2 which all 4 of my bikes take! Some of the sealed range is less than half the price of a yuasa as well & at least as reliable.
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Re: Battery Kawasaki Gpz 750 turbo.

Postby RED BLACK » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:31 am

JezZedexE1 wrote:I have one as well. You should be able to get either that or an equivalent from a decent battery supplier. One of the guys down your way can help. Paul I think.
An alternative is to get a separate sensor and drill a hole (carefully) for the sensor which has bee suggested in the past. Years ago I got a bit of insulation tape to make the sensor diameter where it fits in the hole a bit larger and just put the sensor into one of the 6 existing holes. Worked OK.

Quick search in the UK gives this. ... oupID=2810


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