Replacement fuel injectors

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Re: Replacement fuel injectors

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Been meaning to update this but I am a little slow these days, not really just always fricken busy.

So Charlie found these plug and play injectors on Ebay. ... 1438.l2649

The reason why we were hunting is because you still can't get the NAPA ones. So C. had found these and I decided to give them a try. So first they are 315cc injectors, which lead to the question will they work or will they over fuel. Well on my bike they seem to be working fine. I have tuned it several times since installing everything and it is running very good, and does not appear to be over fueling anywhere. Technically they may be a little fat for our bikes, but with what few performance changes I have done to my bike and my setup they seem to be working fine.

The other thing I wanted to let you all know in case any one decided to pick up a set is that the rubbers that go around the injector housing are the big ones and will not fit inside the plastic housing used on the Turbo. You would have to buy new smaller rubbers or re-use your old ones. Mine were in pretty good shape so I just re-used them. :victory
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Re: Replacement fuel injectors

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Thats good to hear. The injectors should work very well with a billet upgrade turbo stock to 810 motor. Billet flows lot more air and will use the fuel provided. :thumbup
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