More oil queries

How to make your turbo good as new, and keep it that way
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More oil queries

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Just been doing some looking on the net for oils which are suitable for a 2002 EX500 and our Turbo's of course. :mrgreen:

Kawasaki manual and Haynes manual states: Semi-synthetic. 10W-40. :thumbup

Here is some other info I have gleaned, which needs some clarification. :? ... motorcycle

This Bennetts article suggests Ester blend oil is Group V. Anything Group I - III is mineral/semi-synthetic. Group IV up is fully Synthetic. Technically, ester based oils therefore CANNOT be semi-synthetic in the true sense of the wording.

My question is this. How can Fuchs and others be selling Ester based semi-synthetic oil and recommend it for 20+ year old bikes? Even more confusing is that if you go to Fuchs website, there are only 2 semi-synthetic oils listed and the ester based oil is listed/labeled as synthetic. ... 10w-40-xp/ ... ils/#SUPER


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