Thee Old Girl

How to make your turbo good as new, and keep it that way
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Thee Old Girl

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Well here goes a short version of a long story. As some of you know I have been battling some running issues for a while now. Between work, home life and trying to work on other stuff, and the front end swap it has taken me a while. Also because all of these issue were happening at the same time made things really fun, NOT!!!!!!!!! more like really Fuc@!!!!! ANNOYING. Also none of these issues I had ever experienced before. When I put the bike on the road originally all this stuff worked.

Anyway the first issue was the bike would just intermittently shut down, really not fun when in a corner. This wasn't too bad to diagnose because you knew it was an electrical issue. I narrowed it down to the main relay in the fuse box, once I replaced this all was good.

The second issue was the bike breaking up at higher RPM. This was intermittent as well. I eventually narrowed this down to the stator. Once tested it was putting out low voltage, and I could not get a good reading off one of the legs the meter would never read correct, and was all over the place. Once replaced it never broke up again.

The third and hopefully last issue was intermittent as well and was the hardest to diagnose. I suspected a fueling issue but I had never experienced a malfunctioning check valve before. This little son of a bitch affected every aspect of how the bike runs. It would bump at idle, sometimes the bike would even shut off. Throttle inputs cruising along at an even speed were abrupt and jumpy, not smooth. And eventually I believe it even stopped the bike from pulling to top end.

I eventually narrowed it down to the valve. Took it apart polished everything, replaced the oring, no joy. Still malfunctioning. Took apart again and tried one more time to clean everything up, no joy. Ordered a new one from Kawasaki for $56. When I received it I checked it for side to side play and the new one basically has none. My old one had quite a bit, I believe someone was in there before me and removed too much material, all I did was polish it. Anyway I know mine was sticking closed, and open. It would attempt to work but get kicked at an angle and stick.

Now, no more bumping at idle , throttle inputs are beautifully smooth. If there is a moral to at least the check valve it would be if you are riding around with your 36 year old valve, replace it. You might end up being really happy down the road.

Currently the old girl is still a work in progress and there were times when a sledge hammer came to mind and I had to restrain myself. But she is probably running better now than she ever has. Oh and I replaced all the frictions and steels in the clutch last night so no more clutch slippage, so that is fixed :rock

Hope this helps someone one day. Cheers. :victory
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Re: Thee Old Girl

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It is amazing what we as owners do for our rides, but frankly I don't want another bike.
They are a joy when riding, nothing else like them!
Glad you got it figured out my friend........... :thumbup
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