not charging battery

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not charging battery

Postby BRUCE WHITE » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:04 am

In need of help. I have a new stator and new battery; put a different magnet, main wiring harness, fuse box, starter solenoid, rectifier/regulator on my 84'. My voltmeter is showing that it's charging @ 14V @ 3500/4000rpm but it isn't charging the battery. it runs really good while riding but I go about 25-30 miles the battery is too drained to start back up; this is on a full charge on a brand new battery. I checked all the wire connections can't find what my problem is. I had some burned up wires from the stator to the rectifier that's why I went ahead and changed the harness and all the other stuff. Thanks in advance for any ideas. It's an 84' with 810 and stage 2 turbo; walbro fuel pump with NAPA 300cc injectors.
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Re: not charging battery

Postby Betterthanfabio » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:43 am

You need to first check the voltage while its running AT THE BATTERY TERMINALS. The meter on the dash might be wrong but more likely there's some connection broken somewhere or missed something putting it back together?. Ideal charge rate is about 14.3. 14 is OK. Get a digital multimeter.
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