Pricing 1984 for sale

What to look for, and avoid.

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Pricing 1984 for sale

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For Sale – 1984 Kawasaki 750 Turbo

Hello. I have never written in a forum and I appreciate the effort in maintaining this site and for the opportunity to participate. Being a newbie in this arena I apologize if I fail to follow the forum protocol.

I am the proud second owner of a 1984 Kawasaki turbo. I purchased the bike in 1988 at that time it had ~7,000 miles on the odometer. Fast forward 31 years and the bike now has 25,794 miles on the clock. I love this bike. It is the only the second street bike that I have owned. Over the 31 years of ownership my priorities have changed and I am now looking to sell the bike to someone that will enjoy that turbo experience as I have.

The bike is all stock. It has regular maintenance and some minor mechanical repairs (e.g. cam chain tensioner). No turbo work. No engine work or modifications. Paint condition is outstanding. The bike is in great condition – road ready. New tires, new front brake pads, new battery – zero miles on new items.

Minor issues – all gas gage components are present in the tank but the display always reads empty, needs a new battery charge indicator, minor oil leak on the left side.

I have not sold a street bike since 2002 and I am having some difficulty determining not only how to price the turbo but where to list to reach an interested audience. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah not really the mecca for street bikes.

I am reaching out to the readers of this forum for suggestion/recommendations on pricing and where to list/advertise.

I am working to understand how to post photos.

Thank you very much for your help.
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Re: Pricing 1984 for sale

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So what did you decide?
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Re: Pricing 1984 for sale

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The original poster has two posts and was last active 3 years ago. You may want to message him. It’s possible that the alerts are still on and your message may be read.

Later, Doug
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