Jacked Up Pricing Rant.....

What to look for, and avoid.

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Re: Jacked Up Pricing Rant.....

Post by gpzrfan »

Just to add to this discussion, I found this on ebay .... description claims it has some scratches and a small dent .... So worth every penny !!
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Re: Jacked Up Pricing Rant.....

Post by johnste1960 »

But it has a custom paint job!!!!!
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Re: Jacked Up Pricing Rant.....

Post by Betterthanfabio »

Well over 2 grand in AUD. Never.
Who's got the TB's for sale at $300. :?
I have a few spare sets I might keep for my retirement fund. Last time I bought a good set of 1100 TB's with spare bits it cost $50!
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Re: Jacked Up Pricing Rant.....

Post by davidreyan15 »

Why is it that EVERY idiot that has a 750 turbo for sale, or parts, seem to think these bikes are so rare and sought after they can charge outlandish, ridiculous prices because they think people will pay them just because they're rebuilding an old bike and desperate?

These old bikes just really aren't worth all that much anymore.
That's the truth, even if they are rare.

But people seem to think people will pay anything and with dollar signs and gold bars in their eyes try to charge $100 for a screw or $200 for a head gasket.
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Re: Jacked Up Pricing Rant.....

Post by Charlie @ Evergreen »

For Sale
1985 Kawasaki Turbo 750 nice condition.
Runs good has not been sitting.
Will wheelie when you like!
If you buy the bike its $5500.
If you want my perfect tank its $1600. for the tank.
Thank you! :rofl:
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