The Young and the Old

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The Young and the Old

Postby 750turboguy » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:05 pm

The other day I was in town and a young guy pulls up next to me at a stop light on a shiny new SV650 (Suzuki) with all that hi-tech liquid cooling and 4 valves per cylinder. He looked at me, I looked him, the light turned green and he took off like a bat outta hell, and for what? Just to get stopped by the next light? Idiot.

I pulled up, he looked at me again, grinning, I looked back at him and sure enough when the light turned green he hit the gas, again...

So we finally got to the right turn to the freeway on ramp which is uphill and long....I got slightly in front of him, turned around and waved and HIT THE GAS..... I got to the end of the ramp and merged and looked down at the speed-o-meter....60, 70, 80, 90, glance back in my mirror, 100, 110..... and finally settled into a nice 90mph if the left fast lane.

ZOOM!!!! He flew by me on the right and I said, okay, enough of this crap and I crouched down and HIT THE GAS..... I looked down at the speed-o-meter again....100, 110, glanced up, 120, 130, glanced up again, 140 and FLEW by that little snot, 150..... kind of reminded me of the 750 turbo promo video where the bike is accelerating and they show the speed-o-meter impressively climbing... 120, 130, 140, 150... (remember when you first watched that and you went, HOLY CRAP!)

I glanced up in my rears and the little fucker was but a tiny dot in the distance. I held it for about 20 seconds and backed down and that little fuck zoomed right by me again. Okay, no reason to prove anything more to anyone, I made my point.
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Re: The Young and the Old

Postby ptremb » Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:20 pm

should have asked him to do a 4th gear roll on from 50mph, that would have shut him down.
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Re: The Young and the Old

Postby longfiredragon » Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:02 pm

NICE :rock If your Turbo is not a dust collector and you ride it your going to run into this from time to time. I have, with both the young guys and the older guys, like the old bastard on the gold wing about a month ago that thought he was going to pass me in my lane so close that he risked hitting handle bars. I wasn't going to stand for that and dusted his ass.

Most of the younger guys were just an after thought of one of their daddy's farts when the Turbo came out, so they know nothing. I have had quite a few encounters. One that pissed me off, but I kept my cool was a young kid very arrogantly walked up to me at a gas station and said (Arrogantly & laughing) Dud, why did you stick turbo stickers all over your bike, it's not turbocharged.

I held my tongue, and nicely explained to him that it was turbocharged, and a factory turbo at that, and that it was made before he was born, and that he should check shit out before he opens his mouth. He calmed down quickly and I told him to google it.
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