Motos Légendes in France 25/26 MAY 2024.

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Motos Légendes in France 25/26 MAY 2024.

Post by cr491 »

Hi everyone

Each year in France, there is a big meeting dedicated to old bikes in Dijon, moto legende

A lot of old bikes from 1980' display for every one, and the track, and old Formula One track where top riders like F. Spencer, W. Gardner or C Fogarty last year ride like they were still young!

The french 750 turbo club is alway part of this event with several bikes, but as 2024 will be the 40th anniversary of the 750 turbo, we want to make something people will remind.

Like each year, we will have a dedicated area in the middle of the track to display our 750 turbo bikes. At the same place, we will organise a camping area, and barbecues!

But this time we want more bikes !

More bikes means more riders to discuss with, but it will allow us to request to the organisation to perhaps have a special access to ride our bikes on the track, to be able to organize some dragsters show... a lot of possibilities.

So do you want to be parts of this event with us?
Tell us if you will be there with your bike, that will help us to push our requests to organisation.

The Coupe Motos Légendes will be held on 25/26 MAY 2024.

We hope, you will be with us.
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Re: Motos Légendes in France 25/26 MAY 2024.

Post by georgew4714 »

Hoping for you all to have a strong showing :thumbup

I'm from the states , so way too much of an undertaking for me to attend with a turbo
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Re: Motos Légendes in France 25/26 MAY 2024.

Post by Charlie @ Evergreen »

Strong showing with 750 turbo be awesome! Hope we get to see pics of the event!
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Re: Motos Légendes in France 25/26 MAY 2024.

Post by K1ka »

Hi turbo’s fans,

Beginning of March was ‘Two wheelers fair’ (salon du deux roues) on Lyon in which 750 turbo club France held a booth.
Below some pics to illustrate.

We need even more bikes for the event ‘coupe moto legendes’ described above by Charlie, so we knock at the foreigner doors.

Come many for 40th birthday of you loved bike.
Weather will be great, we are already organized for that.

See you there !
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