Pete's E1 custom. "Turbulence"

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Turbo Pete
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Re: Pete's E1 custom. "Turbulence"

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Recently I have noticed the back end getting pretty rough and stiff, no not me, the bike!
I think my Hagon shock has shit the tin, so I am up for any recommendations for a good remote reservoir replacement please.
Happy to spend a few bucks to make the ride more enjoyable!
Also searching the bike for a gremlin, blew the fuses for indicators and tail. Cant find any rub points on harness, so let the fun begin!
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Re: Pete's E1 custom. "Turbulence"

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Looking better and better Pete. Glad to see you still enjoying the ole girl :beer
84 750E1 ,zx7 swing arm & rim , Zr7s shock ,dyna coils, k&n , bov , afpr , variable resistor for race mode. Ported spider ,dump pipe , Evergreen billet HT-10 , RTI hydraulic clutch .
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