Here I go again !!

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Re: Here I go again !!

Post by gpzrfan »

Not updated for some weeks now, to be honest turbo's have been a drag lately. My new forks and wheels on this project both took a turn for the worse ... delays after delays and additional engineering...... then my turbo failed on the Paxo Turbo bike I have ....... simple fix ...yes... but I asked for ceramic coating on turbo , headers and stubby exhaust... when they came back ..... the headers had several small scratches ..... :mad ........ awaiting their return from rework .... I had to take some time away from the garage for my sanity ... :cry

I did mange to dry fit the new rear set on the gear side , will need some adjustment & probably a GPZ750 NA sprocket cover ..... will post pics

I had good news today , my new hybrid forks are closer to being finished ....taken some months to get to this stage and I will soon be the proud owner of an Evergreen billet special turbo :rock
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Re: Here I go again !!

Post by longfiredragon »

Good to hear gpzfan. I am sure you will be happy with the new turbo from Charlie, and when forks and wheels come together, Happy Days.

Understand about the scratches, sometimes hard to find good work these days.

Looking forward to seeing it together.
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