The Italian you love to hate

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The Italian you love to hate

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In '94 I went for a ride with my friend. He wanted to go look at a Ducati. I was in my 20's. These seemed exotic to me....a dream bike only afforded by those with bigger budgets. He bought it and added it to his 3-bike stable.
Now these are VERY affordable. In fact, last year I traded some work to my friend for the exact one he bought so long ago so it cost me nothing out of pocket.
He had the motor done by our (now defunct) regional Ducati race shop so it's got a big bore kit and properly setup carbs. The brake master cyl was shot when I got it. I couldn't immediately find one so I threw a zx636 master on it - fits well and works great.
These bikes are not the fastest. I used to always bawk at anything that wasn't as fast as my Turbo. But they do have tons of character. It's so light , nimble, and surprisingly comfortable even for my oversized skeleton. The sound, the power delivery, and the overall riding experience makes you smile every time. This bike has some dings and lots of miles. It's not collectible. I like it that way. I can beat it all I want , repair it with whatever parts I can make fit, and don't have to worry about hurting the value.
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Re: The Italian you love to hate

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Nice,nice,nice. Congratulations. I personally always loved the red and gold. I had 1990 katana 600 that was red and gold. Beautiful bike.

I agree that year Ducati does have character. A friend of mine I worked with years ago had one just like it. He let me ride it several times. A lot of fun to ride, and they may not be the fastest but they are not slow either.

Congratulations, have fun, be careful brother.
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