Sad Days

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Sad Days

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Hello all. I know a lot of us are the same on here, were a little older, we started riding back when it was just a motor stuck in a steel cradle frame with spoked wheels and electronics we thought were just the headlight, taillight and instrumentation lights so we could see how fast we were going at night. We still know the hand signals :rofl: We have a love for the Turbo, and for good reason. But there has most likely been a slew of other bikes that we may have loved along the way. Our red blood cells have long since been replaced with cells in the shape of small motorcycles coursing through our vanes.

It is for this reason that we are in sad days. One of the most outright funniest bikes I ever owned, that just put a smile on your face to just be tooling down the road knowing what you had under you the ZX14R is no more. Of course you can still currently find one, and or a used one, but big K has stopped production.

If you stay up even a little with motorcycling news than you knew this was coming as well. The Yamaha R6, and CBR600RR are also both gone. You can still go order one and they will sell it to you (And racers) but to just go down to the local dealership to take a peak at one, those days are gone.

Suzuki has carried over it's whole lineup at least for now. The GSXR600, 750, and 1000 you can currently still get. They put just enough into them to comply to the Euro 5 standards. Although there hanging on by the skin of their teeth and most likely the 600 and 750 are in their last years. Kawasaki did well with their campaign to be able to buy a bran new ZX6R base model for $9999 and currently carried this over. Although in my opinion they are making up for the price of the base model with the ABS version, and it probably won't be long before the ZX6R is gone as well.

There are a lot of reason for this that I am not going to go into. Mainly because I feel there are things that could have been done to avert this. But it is to late, and don't think there will be any going back now. I have owned 4 Supersport 600's and in MHO they have the overall fun factor hands down above any other bike.

I may consider looking into getting another one down the road here. The days of this type of combustion engine driving motorcycle are I fear very limited. Happy cycling whatever you ride. :victory
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