seeking feul pump and sending unit

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seeking feul pump and sending unit

Postby Turbonyc » Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:59 pm

Hi guys anyone selling a feul pump or advice where to purchase one and or am I able to use one from a different bike perhaps ? Also need feul sending unit. Thanks
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Re: seeking feul pump and sending unit

Postby longfiredragon » Wed Sep 02, 2020 5:09 pm


Many on here have used the Walbro fuel pump. The sending unit may be hard to come by, just keep your post alive and maybe some one that has one will see it. That being said the sending units are more times than not fixable. It is just a coiled up wire and a waver arm. Take it apart (Be gentle with it) clean it with some kind of solvent or put it in a ultrasonic cleaner if you have access to one. Then make sure you have full contact the entire length of the coiled up wire with the waver arm. People have even successfully bent the waver arm so that it makes contact the hole time. I had to bend my arm in the shape of an L and it has been working for years. Hook up a multi meter so you can see that you have full contact with the arm the entire length of the post and coiled up wire. An analog multi meter works best for this.

Here is a link to Walbros web site, but I am not sure what pump people have been using. The search button on here is your friend. ... ersal.html
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