1100 Unitrak

How to fit a powercommander to tune your fuelling
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1100 Unitrak

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Quite some years back I restored a doggy old Eleven Hundred Unitrak back to close to as new condition. At the end, after huge amounts of graft and parting with beer tokens, it didn't run especially nicely and the mixture was very lean to say the least according to the plugs. I went through everything and in the end concluded that the Wisco 1170 kit was probably demanding a bit more fuel and there didn't seem any way of feeding it more .... so it got unceremoniously dumped in a lockup for unloved bikes where it resided for around five years.

About a year ago I stuck a battery on it, the wrong way around, I think, (Fek knows how) which fried the earth wires so it got ignored again, until a gullible friend was willing to help me push it up the hill to my workshop. I remade the earth straps and was amazed that it fired up, albeit as rough as octogenarian prostitute an the five year old go juice.

Before it got side-lined, I did check the fuel rail pressure and made all the electrical measurements possible, all of which were passed with flying colours. I did try more than one ECU, I even bought the special tool that is used for checking the TPS. Now coming back to the project I noticed that when the throttle was released it didn't always put both LEDs on. I sorted the throttle cable so that it released nicelywith a bit of free play, but still the TPS tool lights don't always go on when the throttle is released. That said the movements to get it correct are minute. I vaguely recall from before that replacement TPSs are about as common as honest government ministers and almost as expensive.

The original masterplan was to run the bike in on the stock setting, then fit a PC and get the red rocket on the dyno to tune for maxi-welly.

Since then and now I have become a regular scribe for Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine and whilst it's a bit late to serialise the resto, a series of articles about FI on older Kwakas would I am sure be of interest to readers of said organ. Now my knowledge of FI is very limited to say the least - buggering about unsuccessfully with the GPZ and uploading maps to a few Triumph that have passed through my hands.

I am also building a Z900A4 special on which I had intended to fit RS34s , but given how shite petrol has become of late with the politicians having their chains yanked by tree huggers, I wonder if some kind of not too modern FI could be an option for that also. Megasquirt has been suggested by one of the Z1OC ladz.

The series of articles could include the mighty Turbo, if anyone who doesn't live too far from Bristol would be interested in being involved - I'm sure you all believe that we're paid a King's ransom for writing, but sadly it's far less than you would believe and showing no sign of increasing any time soon, despite everything else going up in price, so there really isn't much for me to drive huge mileage to take photos. Only my own nosiness!

Having read quite a bit on here, I am thinking that I will need to replace the injectors with more modern ones. Being more than slightly skint, I could do without wedging out for a new set said of fancy injectors if I can find a cheaper route - the wife still thinks I'm selling it :( There seem to be loads of throttle bodies for more modern bikes for sale on fleabay complete with injectors for not a huge amount of money - would this be a good way to go? PCs seem two a penny on fleabay. I am massively out of my comfort zone with this but am keen to learn :D

Can you guys help?


Ralph Ferrand
Ralph Ferrand
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Re: 1100 Unitrak

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I live in Stroud and have a bog standard E2 and the 810 that we took to Bonneville - may make interesting reading for some people
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Re: 1100 Unitrak

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I'd say most new bodies will be too large, and take a bit of fitting in there. You can drop newer injectors into the 1100 bodies (guys use 'em on the turbos all the time) so no problem running them. Megasquirt will work fine too, as will any half decent setup.
I'm just a little far away to help though unless you want to spend those millions on plane tickets.
Rip Loosebruce and Daryl :(
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