Original HT Oil Line Upgrade with Check Valve

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Original HT Oil Line Upgrade with Check Valve

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The Check Valve Oil Line upgrade eliminates the oil drain back issue when the 750 sits for long period of time or trailering.

The Parker Check valve is high quality and proven trouble free operation. Cracking point is 5 psi. Tests were performed on Dave's 750 here in Belleview and in my shop. Already have about dozen on road working excellent.

Cost to make your line in is $90.00

If any questions let me know

Please email me evergreenturbo@aol.com with all your contact information it is on the way so I can make a work order up from your email.
This saves a lot of time and I can print it out as I get about 60 calls a day I can not always answer calls then have to make late calls when done working.

Please send complete shipping, phone number & email address inside your box. This way I have your email and also your box info to go with work orders. Even after requesting this always seem to get boxes with no information inside. Most labels get somewhat damaged and USPS does not require phone numbers to ship.

Ship to:
Evergreen Turbo
3140 SE 107th Place
Ocala, FL 34480
352 497 3469
email is evergreenturbo@aol.com
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