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Re: HT10B Turbocharger Specs & Pics

Postby Betterthanfabio » Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:57 am

Charlie @ Evergreen wrote:Hey Fabio if my lil counter keeper is correct its right at 141!! I haven't posted every turbo like used to but put one up now and then. See them come in pretty regularly which is amazing after the first couple years was a huge rush on HT10s I thought they would fall off. But there are many bikes coming back to life. How cool is that !! I think there are more of these bikes left then we realize..there just mothballed in some building around the world.

Probably like me they couldn't find a dependable, reasonably priced & reliable person to fix the turbo's etc. on them.
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Re: HT10B Turbocharger Specs & Pics

Postby Charlie @ Evergreen » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:47 am

Think your right on Fabio, I heard many stories of it got parked as Kawa wanted to much new when they were available and rebuilders were charging 5 to 600 for them. Thats crazy pricing as I can tell you seen over 50 easy that were rebuilt and nothing done but clean up parts and put in new parts in wore bores and shaft journals. That lives a short life. Love seeing more on the road. Great for our beloved 750. :beer
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