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New member - original owner

Post by gtojerry »

Hello Forum Folks,
So here is my story.

I raced a 79 KZ900. I know, I know, they didn’t make a 79 900. Don’t know how, but it was a 79 KZ900, with a modified 80 Z1R engine, fully gusseted frame, slick wheeliebars, air shifter, etc. Ran real low 10s. I kept it on the dealerships floor with all it trophies. The dealer asked me if I knew about the E1. So I ordered one. I was in the navy and underway on my submarine when it came in. The dealer and my wife met me at the pier, ready to right to the dealership when the navy had some exercise where we had to get underway in an hour. Back out for 2 weeks. So then on the dealership. The owners son is standing there and told me he had written one at another dealership and warned me it was an “arm straightener”. I laughed and pointed to my blue beast and reminded him it was mine.

So off I go on ride 1. All warmed up, I whack the throttle and GD if it wasn’t an arm straightener. I loved that boost. So, at 500 miles, we go to the track. I added a boost gauge and tweaked the WG a little to about 15 psi. Back then NMRA (National Motorcycle Racing Association) existed. At a national event in CT I set the speed record for C/Stock Turbo. I ran 11.21 @ 122. I need up racing the guy who held the time record. He ran 11.19 @ 121. He was a real tall dude who could get the bike moving without his weight. But I beat him cause I cut an 0 light. So I’m campaigning 2 bikes at several events and I had a tank slapper in Sacramento. That shook me up so I sold the 900. But I loved the wheelie bar launch. So I came up with wheelie bars and had some tabs welded on my frame, removed the shock for a strut and went to the track. I’m doing a nice burnout and the starter is waving at me, my chain broke. I’m in 3rd, roasting the tire at full boost. The chain pulverized the back side of the air cleaner dumping all that aluminum in the inlet pipe. It was packed around all of the turbine blades. I put the bike on the trailer and went home. Bike was parked. This was 1990.

The bike has moved a few times with me but always sits in the garage. 25,000 miles, and there she sits. I am now 62 and my wife won’t even hear of me on a bike as she knows me. I own a 2004 GTO that is about 20% stock. It got kicked off the track for going 11.41 without a cage. NHRA requires a cage for 11.49 and faster. I am also the 2004-2006 GTO Tech Advisor for the GTOAA (GTO Association of America.).

So, that’s me.

Here is my question for all of you. What do I do with the bike? I really don’t have time to part it out. I want it to go to a good home. I have no idea what it is worth. I kept every piece to put it back to stock. Even the original seat. I have a red/black gunfighter on it now. Can someone give me some advice? Serious advice. I has taken me 3 years to get to the point I could write this. So what do you think?
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Re: New member - original owner

Post by gpzrfan »

You need a description and to post photo's of the bike, good and bad parts so we know what you are looking to move on.
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Re: New member - original owner

Post by Charlie @ Evergreen »

So do a bike page for yourself and ID where you are and what you have with pics like GPz man says and you will get a lot of input. Otherwise we really can't see what needs dealt with to make it right and get it a good home. Good luck!!
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Re: New member - original owner

Post by Lorcan »

Hey Jerry,

Do you still have the wife? :humour
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Re: New member - original owner

Post by riturbo »

Where is it ill come get it :thumbup
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